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Location Type:Parish
Salutation:To the Honorable the Honorable the Judge of Probates in and for the Parish of Iberville State of Louisiana (, )
Filing Date:1839-July-30
Ending Date:1840-May-8

General Petition Information

Abstract:Sophie Polard [Pollard], a free woman of color, presents to the court that Eugénie Decuir, widow of Louis Polard and a free woman of color, recently "departed this life" and her estate is now "open under the jurisdiction" of the present court. Sophie Polard claims that the late Eugénie Decuir Polard left a last will and testament, in which she believes she has been "instituted a legatee." Sophie claims that the said will is "contained in a sealed packet" in the possession of a family friend named Pierre Durand and she is desirous to have it "opened, proven and ordered for execution." Sophie Polard therefore asks the court to order Pierre Durand to deliver the will to the court for this purpose.
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Pages of Related Documents:59

People Associated with Petition 20883919

Free Persons of Color:21
Other People:2

Citation Information

Repository: Iberville Parish Courthouse, Plaquemine, Louisiana

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