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Location Type:Parish
Salutation:To the honble the first Judicial District Court of the State of Louisiana (, )
Filing Date:1821-October-10
Ending Date:1821-December-7

General Petition Information

Abstract:Celeste Vinet petitions to be separated in property from her husband, André Lacouture, and to recover her “dotal” property. On the day of their marriage, April 15, 1820, Celeste Vinet and André Lacouture signed a marriage contract "whereby a community of goods was to take place between them, under the express stipulation" that Vinet "should always be at liberty to renounce the said community." Vinet brought into the marriage twelve slaves, land, money and furniture. Since the marriage, Lacouture has already sold two of his wife's slaves, Edouard and Silla-grin, for $3,200. Celeste Vinet Lacouture, fearing that her husband's debts are endangering her “dotal” property, has legally renounced the community of goods. She now prays for the authorization to sue her husband for separation in property. She asks that Lacouture be condemned to restore all her “dotal” property, including the unsold slaves, and to compensate her for the sale of Edouard and Silla-grin.
# of Petition Pages:4
Related Documents:PARs #20882029, #30882904; Order, 10 October 1821; Court Record of Judgment, 7 December 1821
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Repository: New Orleans Public Library, New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Records of the First Judicial District Court, Case Records
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  • Document Number 4,253
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  • Microfilm: Reel #9, Louisiana Collection

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