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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the honorable Judge of the Cumberland Circuit Court in Chancery sitting
Filing Date:1848-May-24
Ending Date:circa 1850-September

General Petition Information

Abstract:Anthony petitions for his freedom. He states that James Hopkins executed a deed of emancipation in 1793 for Pheby and her child, Darius, in Albemarle County, Virginia. According to the deed, Pheby was to serve his sister Lucy Hopkins Robinson until 1800. Hopkins also provided that if "Pheby should bear any more children, that they should also be free;" the males at age 30; the females at age 25. Pheby had more children including Mary, Jenny, and Betty, all of whom were divided among Robinson's heirs. Jenny was taken to Cumberland County, Kentucky by Robinson's son, Arthur, and there she gave birth to Jerry, twins Anthony and Esther, and several other children. Anthony believes his mother was born in 1796 and was about twenty-five years old in 1821, thus supporting his claim to freedom. Shortly after Arthur's death, Nicholas C. Robinson took possession of the young twins and sold them to Josiah Brummall. Anthony charges Brummall and Robinson "knowingly, willfully, fraudulently & unconcienciously, not only kept your orator in slavery but have sold and sent off to parts unknown, to your orator other persons viz. your orator's mother, brothers & sisters who are and were entitled to freedom, all of which is contrary to equity and in direct violation of the laws of the land." Anthony states that an authenticated copy of Hopkins's deed of emancipation can be found in a case involving his uncle in Albemarle County, Virginia: "Darius a man of color v James English." Anthony seeks liberty and monetary compensation for back wages.
# of Petition Pages:10
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Pages of Related Documents:35

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Free Persons of Color:1
Other People:5

Citation Information

Repository: Kentucky Division of Libraries and Archives, Frankfort, Kentucky

  • Records of the Circuit Court, Equity Judgments
  • Document Number 1707
  • Microfilm: Reel #218723

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