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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the honorable S. Nicholas Cancellor of the Louisville Chan: Court (NICHOLAS, S.)
Filing Date:1844-November-22
Ending Date:1845-March-23

General Petition Information

Abstract:Nancy, a woman of color, explains that her former master William Shephard sold her to Peter Talbott in 1840. The sale was made possible when Nancy's husband Lewis "drew two prizes in a Lottery in this City in the year 1840 ... amounting in all to upwards of $800.00." Lewis loaned $500 to Talbott for the purchase of Nancy, with the understanding that Nancy would be "immediately manumitted by him according to the laws of this State." For the past three years, Nancy has "been living and supporting herself by her own industry ... as free as if regularly manumitted." Nancy now asserts that both Shephard and Talbott are making claims of debts owed that preclude her official manumission. Nancy asks that "your honor may decree that she be freed by sd. Deft Talbott."
# of Petition Pages:4
Related Documents:Amended Bill, 28 January 1845; Receipt, Peter Talbot to Lewis Thomas, 20 April 1840; Amended Bill, 8 April 1845; Decree, 23 March 1845
Pages of Related Documents:11

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Repository: Kentucky Division of Libraries and Archives, Frankfort, Kentucky

  • Records of the Circuit Court, Case Files
  • Document Number 4491
  • Box: 2-78

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