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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable the Legislature of the State of Mississippi
Filing Date:circa 1859

General Petition Information

Abstract:The mayor and other officials and citizens in the town of Shieldsborough write in behalf of twenty-seven free persons of color who are "useful members of the Community." They request that they be exempted from a bill now before the legislature that would "exclude from this state all the Free Negroes and mulattoes without any distinction, after the First of July A.D. 1860." Euphrosine Labat is the widow of Joseph Labat. Other free persons of color mentioned in the petition are Euphrosine's daughter, Adèle, her husband Louis Piernas, and the couple's four children, Louisine, Mimi, Louis, and Voltaire; Joseph Labat, Euphrosine's son, and his wife Celestine, and their three children, Charles, Honoré, and Cloraine; Euphrosine's three unmarried children, Aimée, Sylverine, and Pierre; and the children of her late daughter Emelia, Arthur, Myrtile, Joseph, and Gracieuse Jolly. They also include the Barabine family.
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People Associated with Petition 11085903

Free Persons of Color:27
Other People:0

Citation Information

Repository: Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson, Mississippi

  • Legislative Papers, Petitions and Memorials 1859-1860
  • Record Group: 47
  • Volume: 30

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