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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable Roger L. Gamble Judge of the Superior Courts of the middle district of Georgia holding jurisdiction in Equity (GAMBLE, Roger L.)
Filing Date:circa 1846
Ending Date:1851-June-13

General Petition Information

Abstract:John and Henrietta Raiden state that a slave, Eliza, was conveyed by Hezekiah Grubbs to Leah Simons in trust for his then seven-year-old daughter, Henrietta. Later, Simons, with Henrietta's consent, traded the slave for two other slaves, Let and her son, Washington. Henrietta has now married John Raiden, and they have asked Simons to give them the slaves and any money earned by their hire. Simons refused. The Raidens seek possession of Let, Washington and Let's second child, Martha.
# of Petition Pages:3
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Pages of Related Documents:3

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Repository: Richmond County Records Retention Center, Augusta, Georgia

  • Records of the Superior Court, Writs 1848-1853

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