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Location Type:County
Salutation:The undersigned petitioner would humbly represent to the Legislature of the State of Mississippi
Filing Date:circa 1831

General Petition Information

Abstract:Jacob Duckworth seeks compensation for expenses incurred pursuing, apprehending, and prosecuting a "negro man" named Henry, who murdered his slave Peter. Duckworth informs the court that he journeyed into Alabama, through the Choctaw Nation, and as far as Baton Rouge, Louisiana, before catching up with the fugitive. His expenses, "labor and travelling," amounted to $229.25. The court decree reveals that Henry was a slave, but no information is provided regarding his owner.
Result:claims committee allowed $210.25
# of Petition Pages:3
Related Documents:Report of the Joint Committee on Claims, ca. 1831; Affidavit of Jacob Duckworth, Taken before Gerard C. Brandon, Governor of Mississippi, 5 July 1831; Gerard Brandon to Jacob Duckworth, 5 July 1831; Expense Account, Jacob Duckworth, 26 July 1831; Receipts, Baton Rouge jailer, 26 July 1831
Pages of Related Documents:6

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Citation Information

Repository: Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson, Mississippi

  • Legislative Papers, Petitions and Memorials 1831
  • Record Group: 47
  • Volume: 20

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