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Petition 20681912 Details

Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable the Superior Court of Said County & State
Filing Date:circa 1819
Ending Date:1821-October-17

General Petition Information

Abstract:In 1818, Joshua Bunch and Robert Myrick entered into an agreement whereby Myrick would provide six hands and four horses and Bunch would provide one hand and oversee "the plantation business." Bunch would be entitled to one-fifth of the crops of seed cotton, oats, corn and fodder produced on the plantation. He estimates that he is entitled to $670, but Myrick has refused to pay him. Bunch now sues for $1500 damages. In two related answers, Myrick represents that a subsequent verbal agreement changed the terms of the contract. He agreed to provide Bunch with two additional hands for labor and Bunch's claim to his share of the crop would be reduced to one sixth.
# of Petition Pages:2
Related Documents:Subpoena, Robert Myrick, 9 February 1819; Answer, Robert Myrick, March 1819; Jury Verdict, 16 September 1819; Answer, Robert Myrick, April 1820; Jury Verdict, October 1821; Decree, 17 October 1821
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Citation Information

Repository: Oglethorpe County Courthouse, Lexington, Georgia

  • Records of the Superior Court, Minutes 1820-1821
  • Page: 329-33

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