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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable Charles W. Adams Judge of the first Judicial Circuit of the state of Arkansas in Chancery sitting (ADAMS, Charles W.)
Filing Date:1855-July-12
Ending Date:1855-August-21

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Abstract:Repeating much of the charges made in her related original divorce suit, Levisa Dobbin states that the behavior of her husband of two years, Wilson D. Dobbin, has deteriorated in recent months. In her original suit, Levisa provided the court with a long list of her husband's mismanagement and squandering of her property. She now reiterates those charges and documents in great details mental and physical abuses perpetrated by her husband on her person, on the person of her friends and relatives, as well as the violence inflicted upon her slaves. Dobbin struck Levisa's grown stepdaughter with a "violent blow in her face with his fist and threatened to drive her from the plantation;" he whipped Levisa's slaves for petty offenses or for following her directions; and he threatened to deprive Levisa of a house servant and a riding horse. When Levisa ordered the foreman to whip a black man who sneaked into her stepdaughter's bedroom to be with the Negro girl sleeping there, Wilson countermanded the order and severely whipped the foreman. In fact, Dobbin has been guilty of "many acts of cruelty toward the negroes." Such cruelty, Levisa believes, may cause slaves to run away. Indeed, she believes that he has actually ordered slaves to run away "rather than obey the orders of your Oratrix." Levisa Dobbin again asks that a receiver be appointed to take care of her plantation and other property, including slaves. Related documents reveal that Levisa died while her suit was pending.
# of Petition Pages:18
Related Documents:PARs #20285307, #20285515; Copies of Marriage Contract, Wilson D. Dobbin and Levisa Pillow, 24 January 1853; Indenture, 26 March 1855; Deeds, 17 June 1855, 19 September 1854; Appeal to Arkansas Supreme Court, 5 June 1856
Pages of Related Documents:21

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Repository: University of Arkansas at Little Rock, School of Law, Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Arkansas Supreme Court, Records and Briefs, in James Moore v. William Oswalt, 14 July 1856

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