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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable Charles W. Adams Judge of the first Judicial Circuit of the State of Arkansas in chancery sitting (ADAMS, Charles W.)
Filing Date:1855-May-29
Ending Date:1855-June-1

General Petition Information

Abstract:Levisa Pillow petitions for an injunction to restrain her husband, or his creditors, from interfering with her property, asking that a receiver be appointed to manage the property. She also asks for a divorce. Prior to their marriage in 1853, Levisa Pillow and Wilson D. Dobbin signed a prenuptial agreement whereby "the joint property of the two shall be used and controlled by them mutually during the time that they may continue to live and cohabit together as Husband and wife." At the time of the marriage, Levisa (as a feme sole) owned property worth about $40,000, consisting of "a valuable plantation, Negroes, stock farming utensils and wild Lands." With an income of six or seven thousand dollars a year, the couple could support themselves in "magnificent style." Wilson D. Dobbin had no property. Levisa, now old and feeble, alleges that she soon found her new husband to be a habitual drunkard and a profligate spendthrift who, within a short time, wasted most of her estate so that she is now unable to buy supplies or to feed the thirty slaves on the plantation. She also claims that Wilson uses violent language, has, on several occasions, punched her "bruising her person most shamefully." Related documents reveal that Levisa Dobbin died while her suit was pending.
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Repository: University of Arkansas at Little Rock, School of Law, Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Arkansas Supreme Court, Records and Briefs, in James Moore v. William Oswalt, 14 July 1856
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  • Document Number 586
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