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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable the Judge of the Sevier Circuit Court in Chancery Sitting
Filing Date:1849-July-14

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Abstract:Five of the seven children of the late William Cook of Bedford County, Virginia, sue one of their siblings for the possession of two slave children, Jim and Bett, who had belonged to their father during his lifetime. They contend that their sister Mildred Hopkins and her husband, Francis, illegally retain the slaves from their father's estate. All debts have been paid, they assert, and the property, including "divers" slaves, has been divided up and disposed of, except for twelve-year-old Jim, "a mulatto boy," and ten-year-old Bett, a "black" girl, both the children of a woman named Eliza. At issue is whether the two slaves had been delivered to Mildred and Francis Hopkins as a gift from William Cook or whether they had only been placed under their control on William's Arkansas plantation where Hopkins was the overseer. The petitioners ask that the court "take said slaves into possession, and hold them under the order and direction of the Court." In a related document, corroborated by other deponents, Mildred and Francis Hopkins assert that the two children were a gift from Cook. In fact, they explain, Edwin Cook, representing his siblings, had come to Arkansas sometime in 1848 to settle the estate and had agreed to let them claim title to Jim and Bett provided they return another slave named Nice to the estate for division among the heirs.
Result:No recorded result
# of Petition Pages:7
Related Documents:Last Will and Testament of William Cook, 25 May 1847; Summons, Francis Hopkins, 14 July 1849; Answer, Francis Hopkins, 15 February 1850; Separate Demurrer, Robert Cook, 27 August 1850; Answers, William F. Campbell, Sarah E. Campbell, Frances A. Cook, 29 July 1850; Answers, Edwin R. Cook, Laura Cook, 2 July 1850; Court Proceedings August Term, 1850; Exhibit 2 No. 2, including Bedford County, Virginia, Bill of Complaint, Frances A. Cook, Laura Cook, James Cook, 26 November 1847; Amended Bill, William F. Campbell, Sarah E. Campbell, Edwin R. Cook, 18 February 1851; Answer, James O. Cook, 20 February 1851; Deposition, Robert Cook, 11 August 1851; Inventory, 14 March 1846; Deed of Gift, 24 November 1845; Deposition, James F. Johnson, 20 July 1851; Deposition, James O. Cook, 28 January 1852; Deposition, Mary Gilliam, 1 February 1853
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