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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable John C. Murray Judge of the second judicial circuit in chancery presiding (MURRAY, John C.)
Filing Date:1853-August-12
Ending Date:1853-September-13

General Petition Information

Abstract:The petitioners, Robert Hudson, Nicholas Barnett, and Elizabeth Barnett, heirs of their late father, Booker Hudson and entitled to the share in the estate of their late sibling, George Hudson, sue their older brother and former guardian, Grandison Hudson. They allege that, upon Booker Hudson's death, Grandison took possession of the estate, including the slaves, obtained permission to sell the property without regard to his siblings' rights, and never shared in the proceeds of the sale nor in the value of the slaves' hiring prior to their sale. The petitioners sue not only Grandison but also the alleged purchasers of the slaves, as well as one of the purchasers' two sons-in-law, who they claim have shared in the profits from the hiring of the slaves. The heirs ask the court to reinstate their claim to their father's estate by nullifying the sales and hiring. Related documents reveal that, at the time of Booker Hudson's death, he longer owned the disputed slaves. Some time prior to his death, Booker Hudson had fallen in debt and the slaves had been levied upon and purchased by one Nathaniel Barnett, who loaned them back to Booker Hudson and executed a deed of gift for most them to Hudson's heirs.
# of Petition Pages:15
Related Documents:Answer, Samuel Meeks, 21 September 1853; Summonses, John Cabeen, John Hampton, Samuel Meeks, Alfred Franklin, et al., 23 March 1854; Depositions, Nathaniel Barnett, Amanda Urguhart, 16 March 1854; Depositions, John Marks, Nathaniel Barnett, 17 March 1854
Pages of Related Documents:27

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Repository: Bradley County Courthouse, Warren, Arkansas

  • Records of the Circuit Court
  • Document Number 16
  • Folder: Old Circuit Court Papers, 1830-1860

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