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Location Type:County
Salutation:In the Circuit Court within and for the county aforesaid in chancery sitting To the Honorable Thos J. Lacy Judge (LACY, Thomas J.)
Filing Date:1835-November-7
Ending Date:1839-November-16

General Petition Information

Abstract:In 1829, Edmund Clements borrowed four hundred dollars from Sylvanus Phillips, using as collateral five slaves with the understanding that they were a mortgage, to be returned if the debt was satisfied by a stipulated date. Before that date, and prior to his death, Phillips sold or mortgaged the slaves to Benjamin Porter, thereby transferring the debt. After Phillips died, Phillips's widow married John Burress [Burriss]. Clements disputes the legality of the transaction between Phillips and Porter and states that Porter has refused his offer to repay the loan and claims legal title to the slaves. Clements asks the court to subpoena Porter and Phillips's widow and daughter to answer questions with the aim of validating the truthfulness of his claim. He seeks to reclaim ownership of the slaves, and the children born to them.
Result:court mediated settlement; appealed
# of Petition Pages:8
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Pages of Related Documents:81

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