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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Hon Wade Keyes Chancellor of the 1st Dist of the Southern Chy Div State of Ala (KEYES, Wade)
Filing Date:1858-June-2
Ending Date:1858-June-2

General Petition Information

Abstract:In 1858, Dominique Gimon, who spoke English "very imperfectly," sold a slave named Martin, of yellow complexion and age about forty-five years old, to C. F. Mellan for seven hundred dollars. He received four hundred dollars in cash and two promissory notes for one hundred and two hundred dollars, but being unfamiliar with the law he allowed the purchaser to keep the notes in his possession. When he discovered his mistake, Gimon confronted Mellan and demanded "a counterpart of said mortgage." Mellan promised to "do whatever was necessary," but refused to act. Gimon charges fraud, seeks relief, and requests an injunction to prevent Mellan from "selling mortgaging or removing the said negro out of the state of Alabama."
# of Petition Pages:10
Related Documents:Bond, 2 June 1858; Injunction, 2 June 1858
Pages of Related Documents:3

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Repository: University of South Alabama Archives, Mobile, Alabama

  • Records of the Chancery Court
  • Document Number 2204

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