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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Hon James B. Clarke [sic] Chancellor of the Middle Chance[r]y Division of the State of Alabama (CLARK, James B.)
Filing Date:1852-March-16
Ending Date:1852-June

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Abstract:In 1845, Nancy Isabelle Tutt, daughter of James B. Tutt, a man "seized and possessed of considerable real and personal estate," married Alexander Sanderson, a man "poor and destitute of property." At the time of the wedding, the father gave the bride "a certain negro girl Ellen of Copper Complexion." That same year Nancy's father died and at the final distribution of his property in 1848, Nancy became a wealthy woman, inheriting Ellen and her three children, and eleven other slaves, as well as several tracts of valuable plantation land. Nancy complains that her husband "has been and now is improvident and extravagant" and will, unless prevented by the court, "waste and destroy" her inheritance. After he abandons her in 1851 after taking money from the estate, she files a suit to "enjoin and restrain" him from "all proceedings at law, or in Equity" against her property; she asks the court to "order and adjudge and decree" that the land, slaves, and other property she inherited remain her separate estate and her brother James V. Tutt be appointed trustee over her estate.
# of Petition Pages:11
Related Documents:Affidavit, James V. Tutt, 15 March 1852; Dismissal, June 1852
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Repository: Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama

  • Chancery Court, Case Papers

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