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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorabe Joseph W. Lesesne Chancellor of the southern chancery Division of the said state (LESESNE, Joseph W.)
Filing Date:1848-April-5
Ending Date:1849-May-30

General Petition Information

Abstract:In 1839, John Murphy, governor of Alabama, gave his daughter Mary Dossey two slaves for her separate use, free from the "debts contracts or encumbrances" of her husband, Alonzo B. C. Dossey. Soon afterwards, he delivered the slaves--Silvia and Emily--to Alonzo, acting as Mary's trustee. Shortly therefore Mary decided that Silvia was not suitable for her needs, and Murphy substituted two other slaves, Jane and her child Amos. In 1842, Murphy died "insolvent," and her estate was sold, including Silvia. After Murphy's death, Alonzo Dossey incurred some debts and the Directors of the Bank of Alabama obtained an order of levy on Jane and her family, now consisting of four children, and Emily. Mary Dossey argued that the person who drew up her trust agreement erred by not specifying that Jane and her children were to be her separate property, but in 1848 a Monroe County jury awarded the slaves to the bank. Dossey now seeks "an injunction restraining the Bank and its agents from selling or disposing of said slaves."
# of Petition Pages:9
Related Documents:Indenture, Clarke County, Alabama, Alonzo B. C. Dossey, John Murphy, and Mary M. Dossey, 8 March 1839; Order, 3 April 1848; Writ of Injunction, 30 May 1849
Pages of Related Documents:7

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Repository: University of South Alabama Archives, Mobile, Alabama

  • Records of the Chancery Court
  • Document Number 1629

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