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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable David G. Ligon Chancellor of the Northern Chancery Division, 40th Chancery District at Talladega (LIGON, David G.)
Filing Date:1847-April-10
Ending Date:circa 1848

General Petition Information

Abstract:On 2 May 1843 a suit was instituted by Ephraim Pharr and Thomas K. Beck against Bushrod W. Bell "for the recovery of thirty-five negroes." After the sheriff took the slaves into custody, Bell gave a replevin bond of $24,000, with John Hinkle and others as securities. In 1845, Beck and Pharr obtained a judgment in their favor for the recovery of several of the slaves in controversy. Soon thereafter, James C. Boyd sued to gain possession of the slaves recovered by Pharr and Beck. Bell and Pharr are now dead, and John Hinkle, the petitioner and security on Bell's bond, fears that the slave title dispute occurring between Beck and Boyd will result in his owing money to one or the other because of his part as security. Beck and Pharr already sold one of the slaves in 1845. Hinkle asks the court to award him custody of the slaves so that he may divide them between Beck and Boyd. Hinkle also asks the court to compel Beck to account for the value and the hires of the slaves in his possession, and if the court finds that Beck has a better title to the slaves, then Boyd should be perpetually enjoined from collecting his 1847 judgment.
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Repository: Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama

  • Records of Chancery Court, Final Record 1847-1849

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