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Salutation:To the Honourable the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware
Filing Date:1832-January-7

General Petition Information

Abstract:One hundred thirty-four citizens believe that "the Legislature ought to pass a law against the Coulored people Carrying arms or keeping them in their houses in the State of Delaware." Noting that "at such a time as this when there are so many ... treasonable Conspiracies among them in many States of the Union the state of Delaware not Excepted," the petitioners "think it the indispensible duty of the Legislature, to disarm them in Order that We may be able to prevent such a Catastrophe as has transpired in a Sister State." They therefore pray that free people of color be barred from carrying or possessing firearms. They also "suggest to the Legislature the propriety of Organizing a Military force Either of Militia or Volunteers ... to Organize an Efficient Effective force to preserve Power and protect the Civil authority in Case of Emmergincies."
Result:House: read
# of Petition Pages:4
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Citation Information

Repository: Delaware State Archives, Dover, Delaware

  • General Assembly, Legislative Papers
  • Record Group: 1111
  • Page: 204-207
  • Microfilm: 204-207

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