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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable Anderson Crenshaw Chancellor of the Southern Division of the State of Alabama (CRENSHAW, Anderson)
Filing Date:1845-April-7

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Abstract:In 1840, Charles E. B. Strode and Harriet S. Strode, son and widow of the late Thomas Strode, executed a deed of trust to Robert F. Houston for certain slaves, with William F. Gillespie as security, to cover a note for one thousand dollars and other liabilities. The note, dated about the first of September 1837, was due in three annual installments the first of which had been paid. The slaves are about to be sold at the courthouse in Livingston to satisfy the debt which remains, for the most part, unpaid. Harriet Strode's minor children, her married daughter Virginia, and Virginia's husband, Francis Roby, contend that some of the mortgaged slaves were part of a trust created by their father for their mother during her lifetime. The other slaves are the children of the original trust created by Thomas Strode. The terms of the trust stipulated that, after Harriet's death, the slaves and their "increase" were to be equally divided among the children. The petitioners seek an injunction to halt the sale.
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Repository: Sumter County Courthouse, Livingston, Alabama

  • Records of the Circuit Court, Estates
  • Document Number 174

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