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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable Anderson Crenshaw Chancellor of the Southern Division (CRENSHAW, Anderson)
Filing Date:1843-November-20
Ending Date:1843-November

General Petition Information

Abstract:In 1820, a trust was established in the name of John L. and Sarah E. Bowler Hunter, which included land and slaves. The trust was designed for the use and benefit of the couple during Sarah's lifetime. Upon her death, John would receive one-third of the trust and the remaining two-thirds would be divided among her surviving children. William Aiken was appointed trustee. A separate trust was established for four other slaves for the sole use and benefit of Sarah. Sarah has recently died. Sarah and John's married daughters, Violetta Hoole and Elizabeth Merrill, along with their husbands, petition the court for their rightful share of the slaves mentioned in the said trust. They report that the trustee Aiken has died and that since their mother's death in March 1843 the entire trust estate has been in the possession of their father, John. Each petitioner requests that "the share of said personal property to which she may be entitled may be ... conveyed to some suitable person to be appointed in trust for the separate use and benefit of your Oratrix and the heirs of her body."
# of Petition Pages:4
Related Documents:Affidavits, B. J. Hoole and A. K. Merrill, 20 November 1843; Indenture, Hunter, Hunter, and Aiken, 2 February 1820; Deed of Assignment, Hunter and Hoole, 16 May 1843; Affidavit, 5 June 1843; Certification of Recording, 7 June 1843; Answer and Affidavit, James L. Hunter, 20 November 1843; Answer and Affidavit, John Hunter, et al., 24 November 1843; Order Assigning Guardianship, November 1843; Second Answer and Affidavit, John Hunter, et al., 24 November 1843; Decree, Hoole v. Hunter, November 1843; Appointment of Commissioners, 22 January 1844; Commissioners' Report, 13 April 1844; Master's Report, 10 November 1845
Pages of Related Documents:14

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Citation Information

Repository: Chambers County Courthouse, Lafayette, Alabama

  • Records of the Circuit Court, Records
  • Volume: C
  • Page: 1337-1354

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Record Final Edited:11/24/1999
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