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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable A Bowie Chancellor of the Northern division of the State of Alabama sittin for the fourth district in the town of Talladega (BOWIE, A.)
Filing Date:1840-July-11
Ending Date:1844-July

General Petition Information

Abstract:William Hawthorn petitions the court for the return of several slaves and compensation for the loss of their use. In 1811, the petitioner's grandfather, James, executed a deed of gift and delivered to his son, Benjamin, four slaves, with the understanding that upon his death, full possession of the slaves would descend to "my said son [Benjamin] his heirs assigns and legal representatives forever." Benjamin died without a will in 1818 or 1819, leaving four children. The petitioners charge that shortly thereafter, his grandfather was improperly influenced by another son, James Jr., to deed away slaves that were the rightful patrimony of Benjamin's heirs when they were minors and unable to defend themselves. One of the slaves, Dorcas, and her descendants are still in possession of other family members. William Hawthorn seeks to restore his patrimony and recover the slaves, which are valued at eleven hundred dollars, and requests that he be paid the value of their hire during this time. Information provided by the petitioners indicate that Dorcas's daughter, Hannah, and Hannah's five children are in the possession of the defendant William Morris; however, a related document indicates that only two of Hannah's children are in the possession of Morris. Hannah and one child are "conceled" from Morris, and one child has died.
# of Petition Pages:4
Related Documents:PAR #20184008; Deed, Benjamin Hawthorn from James Hawthorn, 24 December 1811; Affidavit, John King Sr., 6 January 1812; Minutes [Missing Pages], February 1841; Answer and Affidavit, James Hawthorn [Missing Pages], 25 September 1841; Order, November 1842; Continuance, December 1843; Dissmissal, July 1844
Pages of Related Documents:2

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Citation Information

Repository: Judicial Building, Talladega

  • Records of the Circuit Court, Final Records, 1843-46
  • Volume: 4
  • Page: 67-69; 75

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