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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the honorable Alexander Bowie Chancellor of the Northern Chancery Division of the State of Alabama Sitting for the fourth District in the Town of Talladega (BOWIE, Alexander)
Filing Date:circa 1841
Ending Date:circa 1841

General Petition Information

Abstract:John Farley asks the court for a divorce from his wife, Mary. Anxious to derive happiness and contentment from his marriage, John says that, since their marriage in 1812, he has treated his wife with the utmost kindness and affection, providing for her "comfort & maintenance in sickness & in health." He states that for more than twenty years his wife was kind obedient and affectionate." But in the last three years her behavior toward has changed. She is now repaying his affection and good behavior with "cold and repulsive treatment," telling him that she desires "to get rid of your orator so that she might find some person more competent to the discharge of libidinous duties." Indeed, he says, when he became ill, Mary refused to call the family physician and laced his medicine with laudanum, fully aware of "the dangerous effects of over portions" of the drug. When they agreed to separate in 1839, John gave Mary a settlement of the property, including an improved lot in the town of Lafayette and a negro man named Lewis. By the next year, he states, Mary, "being wholly lost of her matrimonial obligations," engaged in adulterous affairs and "was in the habits of daily prostituting herself." He seeks the return of property and slave that he put into trust for her support.
# of Petition Pages:6
Related Documents:Deed of Gift, John Farley to Mary Farley, 27 August 1839; Affidavit, Evan Richards, 29 August 1839; Answer [Missing Pages], Mary Farley, n.d.; Deposition [Missing Pages], Hudson, 16 July 1841; Decree, ca. August 1841
Pages of Related Documents:3

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Citation Information

Repository: Talladega County Judicial Building, Talladega, Alabama

  • Records of the Circuit Court, Final Records 1839-1841
  • Volume: 1
  • Page: 1001-07; 1017

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