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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable Lion L. Perry one of the Judges of the Circuit Court for said County in Chancery sitting (PERRY, Lion L.)
Filing Date:1831-December-10
Ending Date:1832-January-19

General Petition Information

Abstract:In a previous petition filed in January 1831, Ellis Isbell sought the return and title to the four slaves he claims to have mortgaged to the defendant, Benjamin Hudson. Isbell recounts that, being unable to pay a $530.92 judgment obtained against him, he asked Hudson to pey it on his behalf. He secured the debt to Hudson by mortgaging a family of slaves to him. Isbell, desirous to reclaim his slaves, attempted to repay Hudson the amount owed but Hudson refused to accept the money and continued to hold the slaves in his possession. In the earlier petition, Isbell charged Hudson with fraud and sought title to the four slaves -- either upon payment of the debt or upon payment of the difference between the interest on the debt and the slaves' hire. In his current amended bill, Isbell states that he has reason to believe that Hudson "will dispose of said slaves and place it out of your Orator's power to regain or redeem them even if he succeed in his said Original Bill." Isbell further notes that he has learned that Hudson has drawn up a deed in trust that mortgages "two quarter sections of land and twenty or twenty one negroes including the four which your Orator claims the right to redeem." Isbell alleges that the money to be secured to Hudson's securities "as appears in said Deed in Trust is three thousand one Hundred Dollars and that said property conveyed is amply sufficient to pay the same exclusive of your Orator's said four slaves sought to be redeemed." Isbell points out that the said deed in trust appears to be dated "7 June 1831," which is five months after the date he filed his original petition. The petitioner seeks an injunction "preventing and restraining said Hudson from disposing of said four Slaves or taking them out of the power of the process of this Court untill a final decree is made in the case of the aforesaid Original Bill."
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Repository: Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama

  • Alabama Supreme Court Cases, Record Book, June 1833
  • Document Number 3959
  • Volume: 35
  • Page: 225-254

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