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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable A.S. Lipscomb Judge of the circuit Court in the 1st Judicial circuit exercising chancery jurisdiction (LIPSCOMB, A. S.)
Filing Date:1831-April-23
Ending Date:circa 1831

General Petition Information

Abstract:William Tylor seeks to secure the status of slaves bought by him from William Roy and then hired back to Roy for a five-year term as payment. The slaves were "a negro woman named Sarah & three children, Marshall, Boling & Mary" and the conditions of their hire were that the "negroes should be fed & clothed by said Roy & their Taxes paid and that they should not be carried from the county or removed to any place therein reported unhealthy without the permission of your Orator." Tylor now charges that Roy has stolen the bill of sale and tried to smuggle the slaves out of the county. The slaves are presently in legal custody, and Tylor seeks an injunction to prevent the sheriff from returning the slaves to Roy without sufficient security that Roy will return them to Tylor at the end of their term of hire.
# of Petition Pages:2
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Pages of Related Documents:1

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Citation Information

Repository: Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama

  • Alabama Supreme Court Cases, Record Book, June 1836
  • Document Number 1941
  • Volume: 46
  • Page: 2-7; 30-35

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