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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable Abner S. Lipscomb Chief Justice of the State of Alabama & Judge of the first Judicial Circuit Sitting in Chancery (LIPSCOMB, Abner S.)
Filing Date:1831-March-17

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Abstract:Latchlin Durant seeks to regain possession of slaves given by his grandfather McGilveray to his mother. Durant says that the slaves were "forcibly taken" and, in 1803, delivered to David Tait [Tate] of Baldwin County, who held them in trust for Alexander McGilveray, a minor who died in England without any issue. Durant states that all the named parties "were residing in the Indian Nation & under Indian Laws at the time of the transactions" and that "all the parties except McGilveray your Orator's grandfather were of Indian blood & descent by the father or mother or both." Durant declares that as the only surviving son of his mother and the oldest surviving male descendant of his grandfather, "by the laws of the Creek tribe of Indians ... he is the sole heir of said McGilveray." Now Tait has died, and Durant asks the court to order his heirs and executors to account for the slaves, which he estimates to be more than one hundred; to compensate him for their services; and to return them to his possession.
Result:No recorded result
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Related Documents:Transcript of Case Proceedings, Durant v. Tate, 1831-1840
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Repository: University of South Alabama Archives, Mobile, Alabama

  • Records of the Chancery Court
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