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Location Type:City
Salutation:To the honourable Legislature of Virginia
Filing Date:1844-January-25

General Petition Information

Abstract:Peter Strange, a fifty-year-old free person of color, represents that "he has lately received his free papers from Mr. Conway Robinson the Administrator of his master Mr. G. H. Bacchus, who emancipated him on account of his good conduct & fidelity as a Servant." Strange laments, however, that "he now stands in geopardy of being sold as a slave again, unless he goes away, (torn from his wife & children) an Exile into some land of strangers." A blacksmith by trade, Strange confesses that "if he were forced into a strange land without money or friends & severed from his wife & children, who are slaves & to whom [he] is sincerely attached he could foresee nothing but suffering & distress and if allowed to remain where he is, his efforts would be unremitting to make himself useful & to maintain his respectability." The petitioner therefore prays that he be allowed to remain in Virginia.
Result:bill drawn
# of Petition Pages:5
Related Documents:Certificate, Walter D. Blair, 23 January 1844; Certificate, Conway Robinson, 24 January 1844; Certificate, John B. Clopling [?], 24 January 1844; Certificate, James A. Goddin, 24 January 1844
Pages of Related Documents:5

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Repository: Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia

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