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Location Type:City
Salutation:To The Legislature of Virginia
Filing Date:1844-December-31
Ending Date:Date Not Specified

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Abstract:Nathaniel Crenshaw, clerk of the "Half Yearly Meeting of the society of Friends of Virginia," calls attention to "the fact that persons of colour, who, by the Laws of the Commonwealth, are entitled to their freedom, but who have failed to procure, or have lost their free papers," are being "sold, to defray the expenses of their confinement, for an indefinite period of time, and without any restriction, on the part of the purchaser, to prevent their removal from the said County, City, Town or Borough." He further decries that "the children of the females may be held to perpetual servitude in contravention of the benign spirit of those Laws which are virtually intended to protect them in their privileges!" Of the opinion "that the punishment which thus reaches the subject, is greatly disproportionate to the offence committed," the petitioner believes "that the change in the Law, asked for by your Memorialists, will, in no way effect, injuriously, the interest of individuals, but, by conforming more nearly to the beneficent principles established by the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, ... will promote the true dignity and honour of the Commonwealth." He therefore, on behalf of Society of Friends of Virginia, asks "for such modification in the existing Laws as will relieve them from the grievances complained of."
Result:referred to Committee for Courts of Justice
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Repository: Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia

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