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Salutation:To the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met
Filing Date:circa 1829

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Abstract:Thirty-seven memorialists, believing "that negro slavery originated in the worst species of piracy, and that no lapse of time, or succession of generations, can purge the system from the guilt of its first institution; that neither patriotism nor the higher obligations of christianity can tolerate its existence," do "seriously and earnestly solicit the Legislature to enact a law prescribing that all children who may be born of slaves within this State, at any time hereafter, shall be free, at such ages as the Legislature may judge expedient."
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Citation Information

Repository: Delaware State Archives, Dover, Delaware

  • General Assembly, Legislative Papers
  • Record Group: 1111
  • Page: 117-118
  • Microfilm: 117-118

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