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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the General Assembly of Virginia
Filing Date:1839-February-15
Ending Date:1839-March-8

General Petition Information

Abstract:The widow and three adult children of the late Elijah Hamm represent that they "have been forced to the conclusion that their own interests as well as the interests of the infant legatees would be greatly promoted by selling the real estate instead of the slaves for the payment of debts." They assert that "it is doubtful whether the slaves, if sold, would be sufficient to satisfy and discharge" the estate's indebtedness. The heirs further state that said slaves "are family negroes and could not be conveniently spared, for without their labour, it will be utterly impracticable to support and maintain the testator's younger children, much less to educate them as directed by his will." The petitioners therefore "ask for the enactment of some appropriate law authorising the sale of the real estate."
Result:bill drawn
# of Petition Pages:5
Related Documents:Copy of Last Will and Testament of Elijah Hamm, 9 August 1834; Certificate, George N. Thrift, 27 December 1838; Certificate, Richard Duke, et al., 7 January 1839
Pages of Related Documents:4

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Repository: Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia

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