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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honourable the Speaker and the Members of the Legislature of Virginia
Filing Date:1833-December-27

General Petition Information

Abstract:One hundred thirty-five Amherst County residents attest that Archy Higginbotham, a free man of color, "is a Person of good character, honest deportment, and without exception in his behaviour, he is regarded by all who know him as a respectable worthy man." The petitioners point out that Thomas Higginbotham emancipated the said Archy, also known by the name Archy Cary. Noting that he has a wife and children, they further "regard it as a hardship that he should be compeled to leave the state of Virginia.” The petitioners therefore pray "your Honourable Body to permit by law the said Archy to remain in the State of Virginia and if that cannot be done to permit him to remain in the County of Amherst -- or if that should be deemed unwise to allow him a reasonable time to dispose of his Estate, collect the proceeds & prepare for removal which would require some thing like five years."
Result:bill drawn
# of Petition Pages:5
Related Documents:Certificate, Fortunatus Sydnor, ca. 1830; Certificate, Thomas L. Stevens, Milton, North Carolina, May 1830; Certificate, Ammon Hancock, 20 May 1830; Certificate, James Saunders, 21 May 1830; Certificate, John H. Crockett, Milton, North Carolina, to Archa[bald] Cary, 18 December 1831; Ammon Hancock to Archy Cary, 2 January 1832; George T. Williams to Archy Cary, 22 November 1832; Thomas Higginbotham to Richard Harrison, 17 December 1833
Pages of Related Documents:12

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Free Persons of Color:2
Other People:1

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Repository: Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia

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