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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable the Senate & House of Delegates of Virginia
Filing Date:1833-February-25

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Abstract:Alice Kelley writes that in 1832, her slave Anthony "became deranged in mind" and "spread consternation and dismay throughout the neighbourhood." Lately, he has become "more furious and ungovernable than ever." Kelley is a widow who has only an eleven-year-old son to help her, while Anthony is "a strong, athletic man." She not only fears for her own safety, but her neighbors' safety as well. He might, she contends, escape and commit "greater outrages than he has already." She asks to have him placed in the Lunatic Hospital at Williamsburg, or Stanton, or in the county jail.
Result:bill drawn
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Repository: Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia

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