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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable General assembly of Virginia
Filing Date:1820-December-13

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Abstract:On 26 December 1819, Pleasant Waller's slave Abraham was murdered by a slave named Primus, belonging to Ayres Hodnett. Tried and convicted, Primus was sentenced to death, but "the Executive of this Commonwealth" commuted the sentence to transportation and sale beyond the limits of the United States. Waller complains that although Hodnett, the owner of the murderer, was compensated--Primus was sold at a fair priceā€”he, the owner of the victim, who was an innocent observer, remains uncompensated. He seeks reimbursement. Several related documents contain the testimonies of slaves, belonging to different owners, who recount the fight between Abraham and Primus that led to Abraham's death. The fight occurred over an insulting remark made by a third party regarding the leaden style of dancing of Primus's wife, Dilsey. The altercation started in the course of a social gathering in the kitchen of one of the owners.
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Related Documents:Copy of Record of Trial, Commonwealth v. Primus, 28 December 1819
Pages of Related Documents:8

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Repository: Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia

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