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Location Type:City
Salutation:To the honorable, the general assembly of the commonwealth of Virginia
Filing Date:1802-December-14

General Petition Information

Abstract:Free black Sally Brown asks that she be allowed to inherit her deceased brother's estate. Both she and her brother, Billy Brown, had been emancipated by Dr. Robert Brown, a Richmond physician, but when her brother died the great portion of the estate given him by his master was "vested by right of escheat in the commonwealth."
Result:Reasonable, reported
# of Petition Pages:2
Related Documents:Copy of Last Will and Testament of Robert Brown, 18 March 1785; Copy of Deed of Emancipation, Robert Brown to Billy and Sally, 17 April 1784; Deposition Questions and Answers, Edmund Randolph, 19 November 1802
Pages of Related Documents:9

People Associated with Petition 11680201

Free Persons of Color:2
Other People:1

Citation Information

Repository: Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia

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