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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honourable Mr. Speaker & Gen't of the House Delegates now Seting
Filing Date:1778-May-13
Ending Date:1778-May-13

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Abstract:Archer Payne represents that his slave Sambo was arrested "on suspicion of prepar'g poisonous medicines and did [actually] administer part thereof to a negroe man Slave the property of Thoms F. Bates." Payne reports that Sambo escaped from jail "with another negroe man" and did "assemble themselves in Rebellion together in a thick part of Woods" and did "then & thereabouts commit many Hostilitys, Break'g open Houses, kill'g Hoggs &c." After an extensive search, the two men were "routed at or near their cave in the Ground [where] they the sd. Slaves to all appearance had used for their place of residence & safety for some time" and one of the pursuers "did shoot the Sd. Petitioners negroe Sambo dead on the spott." Payne therefore prays for "such relief in the premises as you in yr. great wisdom shall think most just & reasonable."
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Repository: Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia

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