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Location Type:County
Salutation:To The Hon' Senate & House of Representatives, setting in and for the State at the City of Austin
Filing Date:1860-January-16

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Abstract:Nineteen-year-old John Blackwell petitions the legislature for the authority to control his own affairs. Blackwell, a farmer, "feels and believes that he is competant to attend to his own business, and to exercise all the rights, privilleges, and functions of a free man." He further explains that "he is the legal owner of property that is suffering and accumulating him nothing by reason of the opportunities being with-holden from him, of availing himself of higher wages a healthful location -- prudent care of his slaves and a higher rate of interest on money." He states that "some of his Slaves being old, and many of them little children that require the fostering hand of a good Master instead of the abuse and neglect to which a hired condition subjects them." Blackwell therefore prays that "your Honorable Body will enfranchise him, and confer on him the powers and privileges of a free man, to possess himself of the control of his estate."
Result:No recorded result
# of Petition Pages:3
Related Documents:John H. Blackwell to William H. Stewart, 17 January 1860; Exhibit A, G. M. Bartlett to John [Blackwell], 28 September 1859; Exhibit C, Certificate, A. D. Harris, et al., ca. 1860
Pages of Related Documents:8

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Repository: Texas State Library-Archives Division, Austin, Texas

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