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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Hon. Henry Dickinson Vice Chancellor of the State of Mississippi (DICKINSON, Henry)
Filing Date:1852-November-1
Ending Date:1852-November-3

General Petition Information

Abstract:Maria T. Minor Bouchelle joins her husband Ezra and their three minor children in representing that her uncle Daniel Tillinghast gave her a thirteen-year-old slave named Eliza in January 1837. The petitioners now believe that "it will be greatly advantageous to them to convert said Eliza into money and that the same be invested in more valuable or other property." They assert that "said negro girl Eliza is not so valuable to petitioners as formerly and will become less valuable every day that she has never had any children and will never have" and that she has “married out of the families of negroes belonging to your petitioners.” They therefore pray that Ezra be appointed trustee and that he be permitted to sell Eliza and invest the proceeds.
# of Petition Pages:4
Related Documents:Decree, 3 November 1852
Pages of Related Documents:3

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Repository: Noxubee County Courthouse, Macon, Mississippi

  • Records of the Chancery Court
  • Document Number 1013

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