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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Hon'ble the General Assembly of Tennessee (WHITE, Woodson P.)
Filing Date:1825-November-24

General Petition Information

Abstract:Jabez Mitchell, the jailer of White County, represents that "about nine months ago a negro man Calling himself David was apprehended and committed to the Jail of said County as a runaway." Mitchell states that said David claimed "he was emancipated in Virginia, and that the credentials of his freedom are lost." He further admits that he "is inclined to believe" David as he "always tells one and the same consistent story" and that a diligent search has failed "to find an Owner." The petitioner therefore "prays your Honorable body, either to pass a General Law on the subject, or one providing, specially, for the particular circumstances under which he is placed." Mitchell believes that if David's owner is not found that it would be "unreasonable to retain him in Jail" because "it would operate oppressively and unjustly on him to be confined a lifetime in Jail" and also "because the law has not pointed out any method whereby the Jailor can obtain remuneration for his trouble and expense."
Result:No recorded result
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Repository: Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee

  • Legislative Petitions
  • Document Number 183-1825-1-2
  • Microfilm: Reel #9,

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