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Location Type:County
Salutation:To The Honourable Henry M Brackenridge, Judge of the Superiour Court for the Western District of Florida in Chancery sitting
Filing Date:1831-February-17
Ending Date:circa 1832

General Petition Information

Abstract:Shortly after Victoria Le Sassier married Pedro de Alba Sr. in 1813, she discovered that her husband had "a cruel, turbulent & vindictive disposition, [he] squandered her private property abused her Son Joseph Noriega & her other relations." He removed Le Sassier's "faithful domestick" and replaced her with a slave of his own. Soon Le Sassier became "very sick with vomiting, violent pains in the stomack attended with great debility." Alba never called for a physician, giving her medicines himself, and refusing to allow her family to attend to her. Noriega finally rescued his mother from the house and she began to recover. She believes that Alba poisoned her as she had never had those attacks before her marriage or after she had left his house. She also believes Alba had forged a will that he planned to use to gain control of her property. Alba left Florida, but he has since returned and he is attempting once again to gain control of Le Sassier's property. Le Sassier asks that she be granted a divorce from Alba and that her property be protected from him.
# of Petition Pages:5
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Pages of Related Documents:33

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Repository: Escambia County Courthouse, Pensacola, Florida

  • Records of Probate Court
  • Document Number 2700-CA-01

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