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Location Type:County
Salutation:To the ensuing session of the general assembly of the State of Tennessee
Filing Date:1808-October-8

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Abstract:A memorial from the quarterly meeting of the Society of Friends in Jefferson County states that "the most prominent evil which at this time seems to claim our serious attention & consideration, is the subject of slavery" and that "to this subject we beg leave to call your particular attention, desiring that you would exercise your judgment on endeavouring to do away [with] some or all of that innumerable evils interwoven therewith." They further argue that "more effectual" means are needed to stop "the introduction of slaves into this state," not only by "negro traders, but also by those who may remove here," as they believe "that every instance of a slave being brought into the state is adding to the already enormous evil & that such penal laws might be passed as would effectually prevent any more being brought in under any pretext whatever."
Result:read, referred to the Committee on Slavery
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Repository: Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee

  • Legislative Petitions
  • Document Number 3-1-1809
  • Microfilm: Reel #3,

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