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Petition 11385909 Details

State:South Carolina
Location Type:District/Parish
Salutation:To the Legislature of South Carolina
Filing Date:circa 1859

General Petition Information

Abstract:One hundred thirteen Abbeville District residents decry "the deplorable condition of the Free Negroes of the State" and ask that the legislature "take some action in their behalf." The petitioners "consider them the most degraded people that live in a civilized community." They further declare that "we of the South understand the Negroe character," and "we know that naturally they are indelent, Lazy, improvident, destitute of forethought, & totally incapable of self government." In addition, the residents argue that free blacks "are incapable of supporting themselves, & should have someone to arouse their dormant energies & direct their labour." The petitioners also point out that free people of color "have decidedly a demoralizing effect upon our slave population" and "their indolence & impudence are dilleterious to the young & inexperienced slaves; & their Shanties are the ready receptacles for stolen property, or a place of rendezvous for bad disposed slaves where they meet to drink gamble or plot mischief." They therefore pray that the legislature "would enact some law for their relief, by placing them in a happy State of bondage; the place where God designed the African race to be." If the legislature "is not disposed to grant this boon to these unfortunate people," then they "pray you to appropriate a fund & have them removed to Liberia, & thus relieve the State of their contaminating influence."
Result:referred to Committee on Colored Population
# of Petition Pages:4
Related Documents:Sponsor: James N. Cochran, House, Abbeville District (1858-1861)
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Repository: South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, South Carolina

  • Records of the General Assembly
  • Document Number ND #2899
  • Page: frames 459-62
  • Microfilm: Reel #1, frames 459-462

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