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Location Type:Parish
Salutation:To the Honorable the Judge of the second district Court of New Orleans. (, )
Filing Date:1851-July-30
Ending Date:1852-November-22

General Petition Information

Abstract:Carmélite, a woman of color, claims to be a “statu liber” held in the bonds of slavery beyond the time when she should have been freed. She prays for her freedom. Carmélite represents that, on the 17th of June 1844, her then owner, "Mademoiselle" Françoise Eléonore Doubrère, sold her to one Jean Lacaze on the condition that Lacaze would free her after a period of seven years. Although seven years have elapsed since the sale, Lacaze not only refuses to take the steps to emancipate Carmélite but he had her put in jail. Carmélite prays to be declared free and seeks $1,000 in damages from Lacaze, as well as $75 per month for the value of her services. The related supreme court opinion and decree reveals that Françoise Eléonore Doubrère, Carmélite's former owner, was a free woman of color.
Result:dismissed; intervened; found for intervenor and against defendant; defendant's motion for new trial; dismissed; appealed; reversed; reheard; affirmed
# of Petition Pages:3
Related Documents:Affidavit, Carmélite, 30 July 1851; Order, 19 August 1851; Bond, 25 November 1851; Testimonies, Mme. Somer, et al., 26 November 1851, 20 December 1851; Reasons for Judgment, 6 December 1851; Judgment, 6 December 1851; Order, 4 December 1851; Rule for a New Trial, 8 December 1851; Sheriff's Return, 11 December 1851; Court Record of Order on Rule, 13 December 1851; Judgment on Rule, 15 December 1851; Petition of Appeal, 23 December 1851; Order, 23 December 1851; Bond, 23 December 1851; Citation, 25 December 1851; Sheriff's Return, 24 December 1851; List of Court Records, n.d.; Supreme Court Record of Appeal, 28 January 1852; Supreme Court Opinion and Decree, 26 April 1852; Supreme Court Decree on Rehearing, 22 November 1852
Pages of Related Documents:34

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