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State:South Carolina
Location Type:District/Parish
Salutation:To the Honorable the Senate and house of Representatives of theState of South Carolina in General Assembly Convened
Filing Date:circa 1851

General Petition Information

Abstract:Horatio McClenaghan requests compensation for two slaves, Daniel and Sutton, convicted of grand larceny and sentenced to "receive today (May 21 1851) one hundred lashes on the bare back; and to be well inflicted; and that after receiving their punishment be conveyed to the Common Jail of this District, therein to be confined for the space of four months from the date hereof; and moreover to receive during their Confinement, on the first monday in Said four months, the further punishment of fifty lashes each." The petitioner reports that said slaves remained in jail until September when they died from a sickness "produced by the imprisonment and punishment inflicted." Noting that Daniel and Sutton had "lived long enough to receive the punishment of the whipping 300 lashes each but died before the expiration of the Term of the imprisonment," McClenaghan prays that he be granted "such compensation, as under the Circumstances, you may Consider that Justice will approve."
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Citation Information

Repository: South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, South Carolina

  • Records of the General Assembly
  • Document Number ND #2844
  • Page: frames 1057-1060
  • Microfilm: Reel #1, frames 1057-1060

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