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Location:Prince George's
Location Type:County
Salutation:To the Honorable John Rogers Esquire Chancellor of Maryland (ROGERS, John)
Filing Date:1789-March-19
Ending Date:1789-March-19

General Petition Information

Abstract:In 1785 William Lyles obtained a judgment for £55.10.2 against Richard William Wells. Wells only paid a portion of the sum and authorities were sent to Wells's home to collect the money. Zadoc Duvall, a deputy sheriff, seized two slaves. At the time of the sale of the slaves, Zadoc Duvall told Wells that Alexander Duvall would purchase the slaves on Zadoc's behalf and that he would return the slaves to Wells upon payment of the judgment and an additional 20 shillings for his trouble. Wells states that Zadoc agreed in writing that if Wells paid the debt by 7 April 1788, Zadoc would return the slaves. Wells paid the debt on 30 May 1788, but Zadoc refused to return the slaves. Zadoc claims that the slaves are his, that Wells has not satisfied the debt, and that the two slaves were sold for less than their worth. In consequence, Zadoc is asking Wells to pay an additional £14.18.6. Wells believes that the loss of his slaves will result in "ruinous consequences." Wells asks that the slaves be returned to him and that he receive any profits accruing from the slaves, in either money or tobacco.
Result:partially granted
# of Petition Pages:7
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Pages of Related Documents:2

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Citation Information

Repository: Maryland State Archives, Annapolis, Maryland

  • Schweninger Collection
  • Document Number 5452
  • Volume: 4239-5
  • Page: 71
  • Microfilm: M 11081

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