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Location:Pointe Coupee
Location Type:Parish
Salutation:A l'honorable Robert M Shane, Juge de la Paroisse de la Pointe-Coupée (MCSHANE, Robert)
Filing Date:1810-August-3
Ending Date:1810-November-18

General Petition Information

Abstract:Jean Pierre Rousselin, a merchant, has loaned Joseph Durac, also a merchant, 474.02 piastres. According to Rousselin, Durac has no known property in the territory and no home; his only "refuge" is in the "camp de nègres" of one Etienne Major, where he lives with one of Major's slaves. Rousselin is afraid that Durac is about to flee the territory before any judgment is rendered and executed against him in regard to this debt. He claims that his fears are justified by the fact that Durac has turned all he owns into cash and has admitted to several citizens of the parish that he is about to leave for Jamaica. He is also trumpeting to all that are willing to listen that he would not repay Rousselin even though he has the means to do so. Rousselin asks the court to condemn Durac to pay his debt. However, believing that the parish court order is unlikely to be executed in view of Durac's intent to skip town, he asks the court to execute "articles 21 & 22" of the law, whereby a Superior Court is asked, in such instances, to go "en circuit" in order to establish courts of internal jurisdiction [Original in French].
# of Petition Pages:3
Related Documents:Deposition before Justice of the Peace [Text in French], 3 August 1810; Settlement Agreement [Text in French], 18 November 1810
Pages of Related Documents:4

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Repository: Pointe Coupee Parish Courthouse, New Roads, Louisiana

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