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Location Type:County
Filing Date:1838-June-19
Ending Date:1841-February

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Abstract:In a previous petition, dated 13 September 1837, the children of Polly Johnson asked the court to recognize their rightful inheritance of property belonging to their deceased mother. They stated that their mother was living in a state of adultery with John Cotton, the defendant, at the time of her death. Cotton responded that he and Polly Johnson were legally married, thereby giving him a right to her property. Now, in this amended bill, the Johnson heirs say that their mother and the defendant "were not married agreeable to the laws of the State of North Carolina ... neither were the said John Cotton and Polly Johnson Joined in matrimony according to the rules and ceremony of any Church." The petitioners claim that in 1807 Johnson "executed to Your Complainants a deed of Gift of the negroes," which were mentioned by name in their original bill. They further contend that Johnson "was induced by threats fears or the fair promises of the said Defendant to destroy the same [deed of gift]." The petitioners ask for accounting of the estate so that they may receive their rightful shares.
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Repository: Judicial Building, Talladega

  • Records of the Circuit Court, Final Records 1839-1841
  • Volume: 1
  • Page: 396-99; 423-24

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