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State:South Carolina
Location Type:District/Parish
Salutation:to the Honorable the President and Members of the House of Senate
Filing Date:1797-December-5

General Petition Information

Abstract:Nine "Inhabitants of St. James Parish Goose Creek" submit that, on the night of 6 March 1797, "a Certain Negro man slave Named Beny" set fire to the house and barn of George Keckely; the said slave was "the Property of Conrad Keckely, the Father of the said George." They further declare that, on 6 April 1797, the "Offender was duly Convicted and Hung But not before being valued and Appraised at one Hundred Pounds." The petitioners, "Neighbours of the Said George Keckely," state that they "are moved with Humanity and Pity" for the said George Keckely. They therefore pray that the said George be paid "the full amt of One Hundred pounds being the appraisement and value thereof [which] will encourage the Bringing Such wanton Criminallity to Examplary punishment."
Result:referred to committee
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Citation Information

Repository: South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, South Carolina

  • Records of the General Assembly
  • Document Number 1797 #74
  • Page: frames 482-83
  • Microfilm: Reel #2, frames 482-83

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