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The University Libraries & The Office of Research & Economic Development

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Open Access Publishing Support Fund: A Pilot Project

The University Libraries and the Office of Research & Economic Development are committed to supporting the research, publishing, and scholarly communication activities at UNCG, and in order to support full-time faculty, full-time EPA employees, and enrolled graduate students who are becoming increasingly involved in open access publishing, this Open Access Publishing Support Fund was created as a pilot project. Currently, there are more than 30,000 open access journals published worldwide, and in lieu of a subscription-based business model, many open access journals require that authors pay an article processing fee.  To reduce barriers to open access publishing and to support full-time faculty, full-time EPA employees, and enrolled graduate students who choose open access publishing as the best venue for their work, the University Libraries and the Office of Research & Economic Development established this pilot project, which is funded at $11,500. 


  1. The author/applicant must be a member of the full-time faculty, a full-time EPA employee, or an enrolled graduate student.
  2. The article must be published in a peer-reviewed open-access journal.
  3. The article processing fee must have been paid no more than three months prior to submission of the application.
  4. Reimbursement will not exceed $1,000 per published article.
  5. Reimbursement will be limited to one award per fiscal-year per author.
  6. Authors are expected to exhaust all other grant or contract funding sources available to them before applying for support from the Open Access fund.

Application & Funding Process

  1. Authors should fill out an online application form
  2. The application will be reviewed by a committee that is comprised of the Chair and two other members of the Faculty Senate Scholarly Communications Committee.  The committee will review each application in a timely manner and will communicate its decision to the author as soon as possible.
  3. Payment to the publisher or reimbursement of the author will be made after the article has been accepted for publication and the author has been invoiced for the article processing fee.
  4. Authors must provide a copy of the publisher’s invoice to the University Libraries:
    • If the author processing fee can be covered by the amount awarded from the fund, the Libraries will pay the publisher directly.
    • If the fee exceeds the amount awarded from the fund, the author must pay the fee, and a reimbursement check for amount awarded will be sent to the author.  The author must submit an application and the receipt of the payment to the journal within three months after the author’s payment of the fee.
  5. Grant Recipients 2013

    Edward Hellen, Department of Physics & Astronomy, $1,000
    Lauren Haldeman, Department of Nutrition, $1,000

    Grant Recipients 2012

    Robert Hans Stavn, Department of Biology, $1,000
    Ethan Zell, Department of Psychology, $400
    David Ribar, Department of Economics, $680
    Paige Hall Smith, Department of Public Health Education, $1,000
    Norman Chiu, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, $200

    If you have questions about the fund or the process, please contact Beth Bernhardt (, Assistant Dean for Collection Management and Scholarly Communications

    For information about other publication subsidies available from the Office of Research & Economic Development, see Publication Subsidies