Anna M. Gove Student Health Center

Opened in 1953

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This building, designed by Northrup & O’Brien of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, opened in 1953. On February 22, 1954, the building was named in honor of Dr. Anna M. Gove, campus physician from 1893 to 1937. From 1954 to 1970, the building was called the Gove Infirmary. The name changed to Gove Student Health Center in September of 1970. It was renovated and enlarged in 2006.

Previously Known As...

  • Gove Infirmary (1954-1970)

Anna Maria Gove

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Dr. Anna M. Gove was the campus physician from 1893 to 1937. Gove was the third woman doctor and first licensed woman physician in North Carolina and was a pioneer in the field of health education.During the typhoid epidemic that swept the State Normal and Industrial College (now the University of North Carolina at Greensbor)in 1899, Gove stayed on campus, which had been declared an emergency hospital. She was later praised for her efforts during the epidemic by parents, students and others who coped with the epidemic.