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Display Case Request Form

Fill out the following form with as much information as possible. For assistance with or questions about this form, please call 336.334.5880. Thank you.

* Indicates required information.

Contact Infomation
  • Student Organization/Campus Department:
  • Contact Name:
  • E-Mail Address*:
  • Telephone:
Display Request
  • Beginning Date:
  • Ending Date:
  • Please type a number (1, 2, 3) selecting your top 3 display case choices in order of preference. The timeframe listed with the case (i.e. four to six weeks) indicates how long the display may remain in the case:
    • Entrance Hall case (9'wide x 4'6"high x 1'6"deep) - four to six weeks (case beside security gaurd)
    • Lobby case 1 - (4'wide x 3'6"high x 1'deep) - two to four weeks (case beside Periodicals/Reserves)
    • Lobby case 2 - (4'wide x 3'6"high x 1'deep) - two to four weeks (case beside Reference)
    • Portico window - (4'wide x 3'6"high x 1'deep) - two to four weeks (right side of entrance as approaching Library from outside)
    • Connector Exhibit case - (8' wide x 4' high) - four to eight weeks
  • Description of Display Materials (please be specific):
  • Library Assistance Required:
Check if you accept

I have read and agree to abide by the Display Case Policy. I agree that I will be responsible for setting up the display and taking it down. I understand that neither the university nor the library is responsible for any damage incurred while the materials are on display in the library. I understand that any materials may be removed if judged inappropriate by the library.