Gifts Policy

The University Libraries will accept donations of books and other materials that support the academic programs offered by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Donor Form

Please submit this form with your donation. If you include your contact information, an acknowledgement letter will be sent to you. The letter will indicate the number of items you donated but will not include dollar values. It is the only record of the gift that the Library can provide.

General Guidelines

When you give a book or other material to the University Libraries, it becomes the property of the Library. Donated materials cannot be returned. After determination by subject specialist librarians, materials that sustain the research needs of students and faculty will be added to the collection. Duplicate materials, items in poor condition, and other books not added to the collection will be disposed of in an appropriate manner.

Types of Donations That Are Not Accepted

The following categories are not accepted for inclusion in the University Libraries' collections:

    • Materials that do not support the educational and research missions of the University

    • Materials in poor physical condition – brittle paper, loose bindings, soiled, yellowed, torn pages, underlined or highlighted, mildewed, smelly, infested with vermin

    • Journals and magazines

    • Textbooks, workbooks, lab manuals – with the exception of those written or edited by UNCG Faculty

    • Pamphlets, tracts, or other ephemeral materials that lack specific historical value

    • Genealogies

    • Bibles

    • Material in a non-Roman alphabet

    • Encyclopedia sets

    • Computer manuals more than three years old

Other options for sharing your books: Your local public library may accept gifts of books and other materials; local thrift shops may accept donations; and groups in your community may hold an annual book sale in support of local charities.

Income Tax Deductions

Usually a gift of books will qualify as a deduction for income tax purposes. However, by law the University Libraries cannot appraise gifts. The responsibility for establishing a fair market value of a gift lies with the donor. You may wish to consult your personal attorney or a tax advisor. The IRS also has two good publications about donating materials, Determining the Value of Donated Property and Topic 506-Contributions.

Library Contacts

To make arrangements to bring materials to the Library, please contact the Gifts Processors: Michelle Courtney (336.256.1196). An appointment is necessary for dropping off boxes at the loading dock.

If you have questions, you may contact Christine Fischer, Head of Technical Services (336.256.1193) or Beth Bernhardt, Assistant Dean for Collection Management and Scholarly Communications (336.256.1210).

Rare books, private papers, and exceptional materials should be directed to Jennifer Motszko, Manuscript Archivist (336.256.1111).

For gifts of music, scores, and books on music, contact Sarah Dorsey (336.334.5610) or Alaina Jones (336.334.3865) at the Harold Schiffman Music Library.

Directions to Technical Services